One on One Training in Apple’s Motion – Creating a Generator

Recently I had the opportunity to show Charlie from how to set up an FCPX generator for his Light Leaks products. In this video, we go through the basics on how to rig different options, publish parameters and set up a Generator. Please excuse the city noise as Charlie was traveling at the time […]

Free FCPX Template – Circles of Love

I just finished creating the latest FREE template for FCPX and Motion 5 called Circles of Love. Circle of Love is a 2D template for Final Cut X and Motion 5 of a circles in motion. This was part experimentation, challenge and homage to the beautiful intro animation to the WWDC 2013 Keynote Presentation. This was […]

My thoughts on Final Cut X

I believe these last few years have been the most exciting and talked about years in Final Cut’s history.  This is for good reason as Apple did a full re-release and update of their ever popular editing program Final Cut Pro. Below are a few of the reasons of why many professionals were upset by this […]

Website update – Part 1

I have decided to upgrade my website for my Week of Hustle! In addition the new domain name is now instead of On top of that I have decided to move to a new web hosting company. The old web hosting company I have used for the past 3 years was They did great work,  professional and […]

Interesting Links of the day

Apple patents ‘desk-free’ computer with  laser-powered projector and wireless charging Ripple Training on the latest FCPX 10.1 release Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X 10.1 by Larry Jordan  Unboxing the new Mac Pro (Video) by Peter Wiggins at

Free Winter Landscape |

Celebrate with Free Winter Landscape Template Use this Free Final Cut template to create your own winter wonderland. Use this template to spread your message of joy and love. This template has the option for one drop zone or seven, background and ribbon colors are optional and stars and ribbon can be turned on or […]

New FREE template modules coming soon!

I am very excited to announce new Free Template Modules for Final Cut X and Motion 5. These modules are of small animations that you can customize in FCPX and layer them to create a video. I hope to make these as easy to use to possible so all that needs to be done is […]

What is design? Why is it important? – Hack Design

Hello and good day! I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Today I want to share this design educational site that  goes into great detail about their philosophy in design along with real world examples and documentation backing up their philosophy. I am a big fan of minimalist design and this site to me […]

Flying around a web page with Apple Motion Tutorial

A very cool tutorial for you! Today I found a very nice website called The Final Cut Pro Talent Registry. For starters this site allows Final Cut editors and potential employers to find each other, which I believe any website that helps creatives find work a great idea. Inside of the website’s blog I found […]

Download background music for your videos. For free

Special thank you for sharing this nice piece of information. For anyone that is looking for free music for their video creations, Youtube has you covered. Simply go the and preview the music by clicking on the play button and then download it by clicking the download arrow. If you just need to […]

Blender Demo Reel 2013

Check out the latest Demo Reel for the Free Open Source Software Blender. For anyone that is looking for a low budget software to create high end quality animations and compositing then I highly recommend they take a look at It is free to download and use and there tons of free tutorials all […]

Optimize your images with blazing speed ·

Free web optimization for web images. I thought this was a handy dandy little tool for anyone that needs to make their image file sizes smaller for their websites.  They have a FREE web interface option for you to use. You know I love free! 🙂 Web Interface ·

Light Leak Effects to make your videos beautiful!

More Free Light Leaks! Light leaks can be used as a simple and easy way to give your video creations a new dimension. Just add them on top of your video and play with the color correction and composite modes and your done. This website also has light leaks for sale as well and the […]

Electronic Theater Screening | Fort Lauderdale ACM SIGGRAPH

Come and join the Fort Lauderdale ACM SIGGRAH Chapter on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013, as we present the “Electronic Theater Screening”from SIGGRAPH2013 on the Big SCREEN at Cinema Paradiso in downtownFort Lauderdale.Admission to this meeting is FREE!SIGGRAPH2013 Electronic Theater (aka ET) has the best Hollywood visualeffects breakdowns, short animated films, commercials, and gamecontent.  In addition […]