Custom logo animation.

Here is the lastest logo animation I had made for Creative Tank. The animation was made with Apple’s Motion & Final Cut Pro software. Produced by: Michele Ronsen Creative Direction: Philip VanDusen Animation by: Music by:

Why we should share

One of the best things that had happened to me in my business is when I had decided to share something of value to the world. This simple action had helped me connect with over 20,000 newsletter subscribers and meet many new customers and clients along the way. This is something that took the time […]

How to add more control to messaging and communications

Even though we love our ability to communicate with the world, a large part of our day still requires focus and concentration and constant messaging can get in the way of our focus. One way to lower our communications overload is to add control and priority in each of your communications channels. Below is a […]

New free template – Simple Backgrounds 01

Free Template For Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 Create your own unique backgrounds with this new template for Final Cut Pro and Motion. You may use the images provided or use your own. Add some animation to your background. Download Simple Backgrounds today!

Quickly create a text cube in Motion

In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to create a cube that you can add text or anything else you want and have it rotate in 3d Space to your liking. Animate it the way you want and then publish some setting to use in Final Cut Pro. Enjoy! 🙂 Here is the […]

Motion Master Templates Featured in Premium Beat

Today was an exciting day as my little online store got featured on Premium Beat. For those that do not know Premium Beat is a premiere place to find Music and Sound Effects for your projects. The quality of work is great and prices are amazing. I have used many of their tracks for client […]

Places to find inexpensive or free background music

If you need free or low-cost music for your video creations. Here are some great places to find freebies or inexpensive music. I will be adding more the list as I discover more. ** Also, […]

Blender to Motion Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to export your Blender keyframes to use inside of Apple’s Motion software. This will allow you to use two very powerful tools for your animation and cg creations. You may download the Blender to Motion script here: Special thanks to OSXrules at for creating this […]

New Free Final Cut Template – Polaroid Play

Here is the latest new Template for Final Cut Pro and Motion. This one uses a 3D animation of a Polaroid Camera flying at the screen and taking a picture that reveals it in its Polaroid magic. Please let me know what you think. Have a fun photo taking day! 🙂 Download it today here: […]

New Free Final Cut Template – Holiday Cheer

Hello and good day! I would like to share this amazing new template that can be used inside of Final Cut Pro and Motion. This template is a 3D animation that I had created inside of Blender and then exported the keyframes to Motion for setting up and compositing. Please let me know what you […]

New Free Final Cut Template – Rounded Corner Lower Third

Free Template for Final Cut Pro

You may download this template here: This Rounded Corner Lower Third for Final Cut X and Motion 5 comes with 4 different social media Graphic User Interfaces to choose from. You can add up to 2 drop zones, customize  the colors, add text and other options.  Add your own videos, photographs or graphics. The animation was […]

Create a Rounded Corner Lower Third for Final Cut

Free Template for Final Cut Pro

Hello and good day! I created a video tutorial on how to create a Rounded Corner Title template inside of Apple’s Motion Software that you can customize and use inside of Final Cut Pro. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw the lower third, animate a nice soft bounce, add some text and then […]

Free Final Cut Pro Template – Social Package

I just finished creating the latest FREE template for FCPX and Motion 5 called Social Package. Circle of Love is a 3D template for Final Cut X and Motion 5 of a 4 different Social Media Interface animating in motion. This template is free to use so please feel free to download it here: Special thanks to GRATISOGRAPHY for […]

Listen to amazing Digital Production podcasts at DigitalCINEMAcafe

If you would like to listen to some very informative podcasts in regard to the world of digital video editing and distribution, then I highly recommend this website. So far I have learned tons of inside tricks of trade. The show is hosted by Chris Fenwick of SL\CE Editorial and Colorist Alex MacLean. The shows […]