What I recommend for your web creation [Video]

I get asked often what tool I would recommend for them to use to create their own business, portfolio, e-commerce or any other kind of website they may need.

There are a lot of options out there.  But, my favorite and continues as my favorite for the last 7 years is WordPress.

WordPress has two distinct options:

  1. Hosted – One option is a self-hosted solution at wordpress.com which makes it easy and quick to get your site up in a short time.  Also, they handle the hosting, security and all the tedious work we would have to do if we were to host it ourselves.
  2. Self-Hosted – The other option is for us to develop and host ourselves.  We would first need to download it at wordpress.org This option requires more know-how and understanding of web hosting.  Also, it is very important to choose a host will be solid, secure and have fast support.  This option I would recommend to those that have web development experience or we have used the above serviced and need more development options.  The good thing about self-hosted version is that there are thousands of plugins, themes, and developers that can help make our website as complex and intricate as we want.

With the self-hosted version, we need to use our hosting server environment.  If we want to develop it ourselves and host it, then I highly recommend WPEngine.com and GetFlyWheel.com.  They both have amazing reviews and feature and they only host WordPress sites, so we get fast and knowledgeable support right away.  I use WPengine and have used them for many years now and I still love them!

Both the Hosted or Self-hosted version are great and which one we use should be based on skill level and time to learn.  The good thing is that the content can be transferred from one option to the other, so we can start on the basic and then move to self-hosted if we wish or need to in the future.  However, the theme and design may need some work and tweaking, depending on what we use.

Below, is a video on what I recommend my clients on what to use for their next web creation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.