Streamline Your Video Creation: Unleashing the Power of Automation

A technique I use for full video automation is FFMPEG, Auto-Editor, Whisper, ImageMagick, and OpenAI API with excellent results.

When I am done recording my videos I run the automation by right mouse-clicking on the raw video file and selecting my action and then the automation magic happens.

The best part? I can achieve everything listed below with one keyboard shortcut and all in one single 1-2 minute workflow! 

For example, one single automation workflow will do the following:

• The automation workflow removes awkward long silences.

• Add an intro and ending bookend graphics to the video.

• Graphics can be overlaid on the video.

• Subtitles can be added to the video.

• Random music from a folder collection can be incorporated into the video.

• The audio tracks are leveled.

• The music gracefully fades (ducks) under my voice, maintaining a pleasant balance throughout the video.

• The Whisper CLI feature allows for easy transcript extraction from the video.

• With the OpenAI API, the transcript is used to generate a video title, description, blog article, tweet, newsletter, and social media posts effortlessly.

This one single automation takes care of everything, allowing me to step away for just a couple of minutes while achieving consistent results.

It is a huge time saver.

Below is the video I recorded before implementing the automation process. As you can see, there are moments when I pause or remain silent while trying to recall what needs to be said.

However, these silences will be removed with the auto-editor in action. The second video is the final result of the automated editing process.

Before Video Automation Workflow:

Long Pauses are when I forget what to say. Knowing that they would be automatically removed gave me time to pause if I forgot what to say.

After Video Automation Workflow:

The Final Result: Video after automation is run.

Please be aware that while setting up the automation process may require an initial time investment of time, the benefits become increasingly clear when producing a large number of videos.

The time saved and the consistency achieved through automation makes the setup process well worth it.

Once the system is in place, the efficiency and reliability it offers will significantly streamline your video production workflow, allowing you to maximize productivity.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 🤓
Thank you and have a Fantastic Day! 🙂

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