Do not forget the most important element of all – the story

I wonder if we video editors are getting too caught up in fancy features and lose sight of the important basics.

Recently, I have noticed a lot of videos that go overboard with special effects, but they forget an important element: the story.

I think many of us rely on effects because we lack confidence or think they are quick fixes.

Lately, I have been spending less time on effects when editing, and I am focusing more on the little details.

I am trying to appreciate the essence of the edit.

Not too long ago, it used to take machines days to create videos, yet we still produced fantastic content.

That is why I enjoy watching vintage films because they remind me of a time when filmmakers had to carefully plan every scene and could not rely on the convenience of undo buttons.

It is fascinating to think about the effort they put into each cut and the creativity required to bring their vision to life.

Yes, there are plenty of video editing tools out there today with loads of features.

But, when comes to creating a great video we need to stick to the basics:

– A great story

– Great audio

– Do not guild the Lilly.

“Guild the Lilly” means not to embellish or add unnecessary adornments to something that is already beautiful or perfect.

I would love to hear your thoughts! 🤔

Also, please watch this video to see what I mean.

YouTube video

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