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Free music Archive

If you ever need to find music that is free then I recommend you check out Free Music Archive.

Here you will find music for your personal project or even commercial projects.

Michael Wohl talks ‘The Joy of FCPX’ at the Amsterdam SuperMeet

Here is a great video I found on on the the “Joy of using FCPX”.  What I like about this video is that we can really see the direction Final Cut is heading.  With all the hoopla and debate on Final Cut, it is nice to see someone that is thinking ahead of the curve instead of overanalyzing  the change Apple chose to do.

One thing I keep telling anyone that is willing to listen, is that every Non Linear Video Editor can pretty much do the same thing in similar ways, so it is nice to see a software that is rethinking the way we work.  I like to think that one day we will edit like in the movie Minority Report, which the new FCPX seems to be heading in that direction:

Jason Fried: Why work does not happen at work | Video on

Here is a great video on how to get more done while you are at work, if it is at home or at the office.

I am a huge believer of remote collaboration. The way I see it removing the 1-2 hours a day of commuting to the office gives you the opportunity to add 20-40 hours to your project a month. In a year that is 240 – 480 hours of time wasted sitting in traffic.

Lighting tips from the Masters «


3D Model Sample


Here is a great article on how to light like the pros.  These techniques may be used for photography, video, painting and 3d animation.  Included in this article is a FREE blender file of a proper 3 point lighting setup.

Free Render Farm for all :)

I am very proud of how far Blender has gone.  At this speed I can only imagine how much further they can go.

Now Blender will allow you to render on the global render farm to speed up your render process.

Blender 3D is a free 3D app to create animations, compositing, games and modeling.  It is an amazing tool!  And it is FREE! 🙂