Things I learned as a video editor – Be Overly Honest.

This is my first post on what I have learned being an editor since I started working professionally in 1994.   I have been blessed to have absorbed so much by working next to clients all these years. I will follow up with future posts on different ideas, suggestions and tips on all the things I have picked up.

Be Overly Honest! 

Now I am not saying to saying to criticize your client on his latest hairdo or sense of fashion.  What I am referring to is their project.  If you notice something in their project that could have been shot better or a way the script may be improved then let them know.  Your client came to you for your critical eye and your attention to detail.  So if there is something that can help them improve their future projects then share it with them, but please be nice about it.  A good way to do inform your clients is by starting your suggestion with “I believe” or “in my opinion” this way your client can take your suggestions or leave them and it does not sound so much as a command.

My second suggestion I have about being honest is that if you see a way for your client to save money, even though it will dip into your profits, then let them know.
The way this will benefit you in the future is that if a client has to decide between you and another editor with the same qualifications as you, most likely they will choose the editor that is looking out for their best interest and not your own.  Loosing some money now is nothing compared to earning a client for life.

Also, do not take projects on if you are not sure that you can deliver or if the project is out of your scope.  Instead let them know and refer them to another editor that may fulfill their needs or direct them to a place where they may find the perfect editor be it an agency or a website like

So in conclusion honest is the best policy.  Make sure to put honesty on the top of your list and your clients will love you for it and it will be easy for them to build a strong relationship with you for years to come.

Have an awesome day!