Blender Demo Reel 2013

Check out the latest Demo Reel for the Free Open Source Software Blender. For anyone that is looking for a low budget software to create high end quality animations and compositing then I highly recommend they take a look at It is free to download and use and there tons of free tutorials all […]

GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program – FREE

Like photoshop only free! ūüôā As some of ¬†you may have figured out, I am a HUGE fan of free or open source¬†software. ¬†Over the years I have seen some of my favorites grow by leaps and bounds. ¬†Gimp is one that I have played with before that seems to be getting better and better.

A very nice 3D animation created in Blender

transformation from Andre B on Vimeo. The theme of this study is the mechanical transformation, a change of the form. The 5 items that have arisen here, fall back in form and process of change on analogies from nature. A sphere, the simplest geometric shape that we know, serves as a starting form. If you […]