Streamlining Video Creation with Artificial Assitance Tools!

There is an array of fantastic Artificial Assistance tools that have made my job a breeze and saved me loads of time.

For instance, when it comes to improving audio quality, I rely on Adobe Enhance. Instead of spending hours fine-tuning the audio manually, I upload it to the tool, and it does a fantastic job of enhancing the sound.

Of course, it is not always flawless, and sometimes I still need to do it manually, but more often than not, the results are fantastic.

Another tool I have found incredibly useful is latte social, which helps me find crucial sections within long videos so I can easily create clips from them.

Also, I have harnessed the power of ChatGPT to develop an automation workflow.

This workflow takes a video, transcribes it using Whisper, adds an intro custom title graphic and an ending video, normalizes the audio, removes lengthy pauses, adds background music (which lowers when I speak), includes subtitles from the transcription and even generates Tweets, articles, and more using the Open AI API.

Before automation, this process used to eat up around an hour or more of my time, but now, thanks to these tools, it is done in less than 2 minutes!

In a recent project, I harnessed the power of ChatGPT to help me create video workflow automation for FFMPEG.

It was a game-changer as it helped me automate all the tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

The best part?

It saved me countless hours of manual work. The client was super thrilled with the lightning-fast turnaround.

It is amazing how technology can make our lives so much easier!

These are just the first few examples that pop into my mind, but boy, have they made a huge difference in my recent projects.

This extra free time gained by using artificial assistance tools allows me to concentrate on the most essential part of video creation—the story. It is a game-changer!

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