Choose Calm & Consistency Over Flashy Content

Often, we are taught that the best way to grab people’s attention and make our videos or stories popular is by doing something outrageous, dramatic, wild and out of the ordinary.

However, this approach can become exhausting for both the creators and the audience over time.
We may feel pressured to continually outdo ourselvs, while audiences may become overwhelmed by the relentless intensity of the content they consume.

Now, let us consider shows like “Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting” or “Rick Steve’s Euro Travels”.

They are known for their simplicity, longevity, and consistency.

Also, they serve as a reliable source of inspiration, relaxation, and quality content for those who want a break from the hype and intensity of today’s media.

Their focus is on making their shows simple, effective, and full of value.
Here are some tips to make your videos last the test of time:

  • Put Quality First: Give content depth and quality priority. Make sure the information in your material is accurate, thoroughly researched, and valuable to your audience.

  • Establish an inviting ambiance: To establish a calming ambiance in your videos, use natural noises, calming images and graphics, or relaxing background music. By using this strategy, you can become the go-to source for viewers looking to escape from high-energy media.

  • The key to effective content creation is consistency. Create and uphold a unified theme and style throughout. This could take the form of a regular publishing schedule, an identifiable visual aesthetic, or a voice that is consistently used.

  • Engage with Positivity: Communicate with your audience in a way that is upbeat and supportive. Kindly and constructively address questions, criticisms, and feedback.

  • Simplify Your Message: Divide complicated subjects into digestible chunks. Do not use too technical or jargon terminology; instead, speak clearly and concisely.

  • Focus on Providing Value to Your Audience: Make your content not only informative and helpful but also evergreen. Aim to create videos and stories that remain relevant and valuable over time as evergreen content.

  • To make your content evergreen, focus on timeless topics and universal themes that continue to resonate with your audience regardless of changing trends or current events.

  • So, if we seek to create content that will stand the test of time and continue to perform well over the long term, I suggest taking inspiration from shows like Bob Ross and Rick Steve’s Travels.

In a world full of stress, hype, and an overdose of dopamine, we can set ourselves apart by being the complete opposite.

By providing content that is calming, informative, and inspiring, we can establish ourselves as a refreshing and reliable source for our audience.

“Everywhere you go, take a smile.” – Rick Steves

“It’s so important to do something every day that will make you happy.” – Bob Ross

So, how are you providing value and goodness to the world? πŸ™‚
Thank you, and I hope you have a fantastic day! 😊

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