Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer Speak on Final Cut X

A great conversation with Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer on the new FCPX

Note: One thing that was brought up by Allan Tépper in regards to conforming 59.94p to 23.976p for slow-mo shots:

Conform a clip’s speed to match the project’s speed:
If you’ve applied speed effects using your camera, the native speed of the source media may not match the native speed of the source media for the rest of the clips in your project in the Timeline. However, you can change the clip with the differing native speed to match the rest of the clips in the Timeline.
In the Timeline, select the clip whose speed you want to change to match the rest of the clips in your project.
Choose Conform Speed from the Retime pop-up menu in the toolbar.

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Apple – Final Cut Pro X – Top Features



Apple – Final Cut Pro X – Top Features

What an exciting morning, not only is the new Final Cut Pro X out, so is the new Motion 5 and the new Compressor.  All of these pieces of software look amazing.

Some of the things I am looking forward to test out are:

– The 64 bit architecture which will take more use of your computer’s RAM.

– Smart templates which will allow you to make further adjustments to your Motion templates inside of Final Cut.

– Parameter rig which allow you to group related parameters to a single control inside of Motion.

– Bring projects in from imovie which is great for producers who wish to start laying out a rough edit for the editor.

– Proxy Creation will allow an editor to work remotely using small proxy files and then reconnect the project upon completions.

Before I install these new tools I will first upgrade to the new OS Lion and before I do upgrade to a new Operating System I like to do a full format of my drive to have a nice clean system. Once I am set-up and running I shall keep you posted with my feedback.

Update: Being that Final Cut X does not open old Final Cut 7 projects, you may want to keep the old Final Cut Studio handy. Here is a link to the proper way to use both pieces of software from Apple Discussions – Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4: Installation best practices.

Here are the links to all the new features:
Final Cut X

Motion 5

More Links:
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Takeoff – Simple Video Collaboration

Takeoff – Simple Video Collaboration

I have been using for a couple of months now and I have nothing but rave reviews for this service.  It has made it extremely easy for me to communicate with my clients on their projects.

All I do now is export a self contained movie from Final Cut and then upload it to and they do all the rest.  Takeoff also allows my clients, staff and myself to upload assets, add frame accurate comments to the videos, allow the download of master movie and add multiple videos for different versions of our projects.

Takeoff makes it easy to collaborate during Video Production.

Also by reading their blog, they are in the works of adding Blu Ray and DVD creation and delivery, NLE integration along with other great updates.

They also have great support from my experience.

Let me know what you think.