After Effects Exporter for Blender – Video Tutorial

My good friend Bart Harrison sent me this link of Paolo Ciccone’s video tutorial: After Effects Exporter for Blender.  This well produced video demonstrates on how one can export a 3D animation from Blender to Adobe After Effects you can get the exporter here, just click on download project files.  Even though you can do compositing inside of Blender, there are many of us that are used to working in After Effects being that it has been an industry standard for many years, so we tend to stick with what we know best.

Some of you may have noticed that I am a big fan of the blender toolset, a few of the reasons are: that it is free by being open source, available for most computer platforms, it has a huge fan base following, over the years I have seen this product grow at an incredible speed by being open source you pretty much have the world helping develop this software, and this one tool can do 3D animation, physics, modeling, compositing, video editing, and even video game creation just to name a few, oh and did I mention that it is FREE to download !

You can also find more of Paolo’s blender tutorials here:

Visit his website at: and

Thank you Paolo for taking the time to create these tutorials.