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Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial HD:

This is the latest spot created by one of my favorite studios Method. I love the story, design and concept, it is simply AWESOME!  Maybe this is the way we can end war. 🙂


New Video Added to Portfolio: South Eastern Studios – Realtime 3D Virtual Sets

South Eastern Studio - Presentation Video

I added a video I recently edited for South Eastern Studios to my video portfolio.

About South Eastern Studios:

South Eastern Studios allows you to shoot in HD in front of a green screen while inserting a 3D virtual set into the background all in real-time, all camera moves, zooms and depth of field interact with the 3D background without the use of position markers on the walls.  So in short, you can go in, shoot your production and walk away with a completed spot with no computer compositing work required afterwards.  They also have a video switcher so you can switch between their 3 HD cameras during the shoot.

The best part is that they are located in Vero Beach, Florida so you can schedule some relaxing in the sun after the shoot instead of slaving away in front of the computer compositing your shots in post.

Watch the full video presentation here:  South Eastern Studios – Realtime 3D Virtual Sets.

We stayed at the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa and The Caribbean Court during our visits in which we had an amazing time.

Here are photographs taken of our trips there: South Eastern StudiosVero BeachVero Beach Hotel and Spa and Caribbean Court Hotel

Cool Studios

Beautiful work by Viewpoint Creative.

I believe that the work this Boston based company is producing is awesome!

Make sure to click on the fullscreen button to get the full effect.

Cinemax – 2009 Yearender from Viewpoint Creative on Vimeo.

Nat Geo Wild Channel Launch 60 from Viewpoint Creative on Vimeo.

2009 Agency Demo from Viewpoint Creative on Vimeo.

Make sure to visit their website and see more of their ingenious work: Viewpoint Creative

Their company blog can be found here, very entertaining as well: Viewpoint Creative Blog


Durian – Open Source Movie Project

A fantastic way to market a movie by keeping the audience involved in the production process and in turn making one feel part of the movie making experience.  Durian is being created by the Blender Foundation and the software that is being used to create this movie is all free by being part of the open source community and available to anyone as a free download.

Cool Studios






Very nice work coming out of sweden.