Motion Master Templates

New Motion Template – Desktop Zoom

Hello, I wanted to share with you the latest Motion Template for Motion 5 and Final Cut X named ‘Desktop Zoom’ from my template store.

Cool Final Cut Pro Studio

Final Cut Pro Templates: Massive Packs of Master Templates

Here is a product that I have used before that I thought was very ingenious for Final Cut Editors, with over 100 pre-made motion master templates that will fit all your production needs:  Final Cut Pro Templates: Massive Packs of Master Templates.

These templates are nicely crafted and designed with a great attention to detail.  To add these templates to your workflow all that you need to do is open Final Cut Pro, add your template clip to the timeline, drop your footage or images into the drop zones and render.  If you want to change something in the template just open the motion file, tweak and save  (I recommend you save the template with a different name so you do not lose the original one).

Below are some example of the products they create:


If you would like to learn more on how to create and use Motion Master Templates watch the video below: