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Blender Demo Reel 2013

Check out the latest Demo Reel for the Free Open Source Software Blender. For anyone that is looking for a low budget software to create high end quality animations and compositing then I highly recommend they take a look at

It is free to download and use and there tons of free tutorials all throughout the web. Some of my favorite tutorials can be found at and CGCookie. Now go grab your free copy and make some movies! ūüôā

Blender Demo Reel 2013 – YouTube.

Blender Cool Free Stuff

Noodle physics simulation ;p – Blender and Bullet Physics – YouTube

Here is an awesome video using physics inside of Blender a free open source 3d software.  It is amazing what open source free software is able to do now. Noodle physics simulation ;p РBlender and Bullet Physics РYouTube.


Here is more on the creation of this animation:


Digital makeup test – With Blender 3D

Here is a video of some amazing Blender Motion Tracking: Digital makeup test РYouTube.

Blender Cool Tutorials

Lighting tips from the Masters ¬ę


3D Model Sample


Here is a great article on how to light like the pros.  These techniques may be used for photography, video, painting and 3d animation.  Included in this article is a FREE blender file of a proper 3 point lighting setup.

Blender Spot Highlight

Blender 2011 Siggraph Demo Reel

I am a huge fan of Blender 3D, a free open source software application that works on all operating systems and allows you to model, animate, composite, edit, create games, simulate liquids and Much Much More.  Oh yeah and its FREE! Check out the Reel:

Blender 2011 Siggraph Demo Reel – YouTube.

Visit the website:

Blender Cool Free Stuff

Free Render Farm for all :)

I am very proud of how far Blender has gone.  At this speed I can only imagine how much further they can go.

Now Blender will allow you to render on the global render farm to speed up your render process.

Blender 3D is a free 3D app to create animations, compositing, games and modeling. ¬†It is an amazing tool! ¬†And it is FREE! ūüôā


‚Ä™The Nature Academy 1080P‚Ĩ‚ÄŹ – Created on Blender 3D

Here is a beautiful example of what is capable of being created in Blender 3D.

The following animation was created by Andrew Price, who also runs the very informative website Blender Guru.

via ‚Ä™Official Trailer – The Nature Academy 1080P‚Ĩ‚ÄŹ – YouTube.

Blender is released under the GNU Public License, as Free Software, and therefore can be distributed by anyone freely.


After Effects Exporter for Blender – Video Tutorial

My good friend Bart Harrison sent me this link of¬†Paolo Ciccone’s video tutorial:¬†After Effects Exporter for Blender. ¬†This well produced video demonstrates on how one can export a 3D animation from Blender to Adobe After Effects you can get the exporter here, just click on download project files. ¬†Even though you can do compositing inside of Blender, there are many of us that are used to working in After Effects being that it has been an industry standard for many years, so we tend to stick with what we know best.

Some of you may have noticed that I am a big fan of the blender toolset, a few of the reasons are: that it is free by being open source, available for most computer platforms, it has a huge fan base following, over the years I have seen this product grow at an incredible speed by being open source you pretty much have the world helping develop this software, and this one tool can do 3D animation, physics, modeling, compositing, video editing, and even video game creation just to name a few, oh and did I mention that it is FREE to download !

You can also find more of Paolo’s blender¬†tutorials here:¬†

Visit his website at: and

Thank you Paolo for taking the time to create these tutorials.


A very nice 3D animation created in Blender

transformation from Andre B on Vimeo.

The theme of this study is the mechanical transformation, a change of the form. The 5 items that have arisen here, fall back in form and process of change on analogies from nature. A sphere, the simplest geometric shape that we know, serves as a starting form.

If you would like to learn more about the Blender the free open-source animation, compositing, video editing tool set visit


Durian – Open Source Movie Project

A fantastic way to market a movie by keeping the audience involved in the production process and in turn making one feel part of the movie making experience.  Durian is being created by the Blender Foundation and the software that is being used to create this movie is all free by being part of the open source community and available to anyone as a free download.

Blender Cool Tools

YouTube – massive Blender fluid simulation

Here is a video showing an amazing fluid simulation using the free software tool Blender