SmartPlanetTV – Episode 01

I had the great pleasure to work on the first Episode of Smart Planet TV.  This episode was edited fully in FCPX.  I would like to send a special thanks to Jolly Roger Images, inc. for allowing me to be part of this amazing project.

Today’s story is about one of the largest massstrandings of Pilot Whales ever seen in Florida. It happened early one Saturday morning on a holiday weekend. Follow host and marine biologist, Beth Smart as her and her devoted team help beached whales on the coast of Florida. Watch the video to get the full story! 🙂 Please visit the Smart Planet TV website for mote details:

Credit List:

Executive Producer & Host
Beth Smart

Roger Prehoda & Raelyn Barlow

Associate Producer
Lori Smith

Motion Graphics Artist
Joel Wilcoxson

Video Editor
Deyson Ortiz

Director of Photography
Roger Prehoda

Raelyn Barlow

Lori Smith

June Czarnecky


Social Media Manager
Summer Grace

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By Deyson

Hello, my name is Deyson Ortiz I have been creating professional videos since 1994.