I found this great blog post by Michael James regarding high definition resolution imagery in the real estate market.

The podcast covers software, hardware, workflows, and tips used in capturing such beautiful imagery.  Michael James also speaks about the upcoming Scarlett by Red which seems it will capture HDRI for video, Promote Control a great tool for controlling your camera, how to get into the real estate photography business, and explanations on how some of his imagery was captured.  The rest of his website is full of great information for photographers and videographers alike, being that both professions are slowly merging.

The podcast below was created by Mike Miriello from realestatephotographypodcast.com

Link to Michael James’ blog page:  Dynamic Range Imaging » Blog Archive » Real Estate Photography Podcast.

Link to Michael James’ Photo Portfolio: http://www.digitalcoastimage.com/

Link to video source on Blip.tv: http://blip.tv/file/3312359/

Thank you Michael James and Mike Miriello for sharing this valuable piece of information.


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