Great new edits by Josh Bodnar

As some of you may know I am huge fan of Josh Bodnar’s video editorial work as he seems to be unafraid to experiment with his edits.  I believe his edits are tight and perfectly placed at the exact moment where the cut needs to happen.  By watching his work I get a sense that he has a deep passion for his craft and serves as an inspiration to me as an editor.  Josh is also very fortunate to work with some great looking footage and killer audio tracks, which is always a good thing for any editor.

Mr. Bodnar has just updated his website with 6 new amazing videos.  As always his edits are inspirational, tight and fun to watch.  Make sure you check them all out.

Be sure to also to check out the very informative interviews I had with Josh about his work and craft, they are full of insightful and valuable advice. 
Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of his interview.


Editorial House: White House Post

Editor: Josh Bodnar

Carbon FX helped out with Under Armour “Charged Cotton” and Malkovich “Ecstasy”. Really great guys.

Josh Bodnar.