Color Synth – Color Correction Plugin

This plugin for Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, and Apple’s Motion is called ColorSynth was just brought to my attention. ColorSynth was highly recommended by one of the Nothing Real ( Apple ) Shake’s development team. Next time I need to do some detailed color correction I will give it a test as it […]

Try Final Cut Pro X Free for 90 Days.

Hello, Recently, I had reached out to Apple about trial versions of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X and received the following response from my contact at Apple: The Pro Apps team at Apple is actively looking at ideas for helping our education customers get their work done in the current stay-at-home situation. […]

What is design? Why is it important? – Hack Design

Hello and good day! I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Today I want to share this design educational site that ¬†goes into great detail about their philosophy in design along with real world examples and documentation backing up their philosophy. I am a big fan of minimalist design and this site to me […]

Final Cut Studio Tutorials, Final Cut Pro Tips, Seminars and Training

¬† Final Cut Studio Tutorials, Final Cut Pro Tips, Seminars and Training. This is a great website to learn the latest tricks and techniques for Final Cut Studio and other digital media tools. ¬†Larry Jordan brings us over 25 years of experience to his well produced website full of podcasts, tutorials, reviews and informative articles. […]

Cigarette Packet Flash Diffuser

If you are ever are caught without your flash diffuser and you need a quick fix, here is a nice idea to avoid your photo subjects from getting blinded by your flash. Cigarette Packet Flash Diffuser. Here are some other ideas I found: Google Search Results

Blender 3D Test Renders

The following renders were created with a 3D content creation software¬†by the name of¬†Blender, which I am a huge fan of, not only for being very very powerful, but also free! [nggallery id=11] This software is cross platform, portable since you can download it anywhere, and by being open source we have the ability to […]