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What I recommend for your web creation [Video]

I get asked often what tool I would recommend for them to use to create their own business, portfolio, e-commerce or any other kind of website they may need. There are a lot of options out there.  But, my favorite and continues as my favorite for the last 7 years is WordPress. WordPress has two …

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Quickly create a text cube in Motion

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to create a cube that you can add text or anything else you want and have it rotate in 3d Space to your liking. Animate it the way you want and then publish some setting to use in Final Cut Pro.  Enjoy!  Here is the video:

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Blender to Motion Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to export your Blender keyframes to use inside of Apple’s Motion software. This will allow you to use two very powerful tools for your animation and cg creations. You may download the Blender to Motion script here: Special thanks to OSXrules at for creating this …

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Free Template for Final Cut Pro

Create a Rounded Corner Lower Third for Final Cut

Hello and good day! I created a video tutorial on how to create a Rounded Corner Title template inside of Apple’s Motion Software that you can customize and use inside of Final Cut Pro. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw the lower third, animate a nice soft bounce, add some text and then …

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One on One Training in Apple’s Motion – Creating a Generator

Recently I had the opportunity to show Charlie from how to set up an FCPX generator for his Light Leaks products. In this video, we go through the basics on how to rig different options, publish parameters and set up a Generator. Please excuse the city noise as Charlie was traveling at the time …

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