Draft. Write Better. – Free writing collaboration web app

I found this very cool web app to help you collaborate with your writing. So if you are working on a script, an outline or a blog post this can help. It has a long list of features and the best part is that it is FREE! 🙂 They also have a dandy video and […]

Free Template – Super Sale | MotionMasterTemplates.com

I just released a free template for FCPX and Motion 5. This template for Final Cut X and Motion 5 is made to announce your next big sale or event, simply customize the text to whatever you need. There are 4 templates included, 1 with a drop zone, 1 with no drop zone and each […]

MXF4mac Player – free download – Hamburg PRO Media

Recently I had a producer-client that was looking for a way to preview her .MXF files or P2 files without having to open up Final Cut. So while helping her out I discovered this very cool little software that is free. Now she can watch here production shots, take notes by viewing the source timecode […]

Free PSDs & Resources for Designers by Orman Clark

Free PSDs & Resources for Designers by Orman Clark. Here are more great FREE resources for web designers to use. Many times we are in middle of a project and we need to add some elements to it to give it an extra sense of detail. Instead of creating them from scratch just download them […]

365psd | Download a free PSD every day.

Here is a lovely website with a huge collection of free PSD files. This website is great for any designer that is short on time, looking for inspiration or just looking to learn how to use Photoshop. There are also premium options that allow you to download all the PSDs in one handy zip file […]

Free Light Leaks Pack | CreativeDojo

Here is a cool free light leaks to add to your videos. To use just simply open up your editor or compositor and add these videos on top and play with the different blend modes to get different looks. They are very fun to use and can add a whole new dimension to your work. Thank […]

Blender Siggraph Reel 2012 – YouTube

Check out Blender’s Siggraph Showreel 2012 – All this content was made with Free Open Source software. Download Blender.org and start creating! Blender Siggraph Reel 2012 – YouTube.

Noodle physics simulation ;p – Blender and Bullet Physics – YouTube

Here is an awesome video using physics inside of Blender a free open source 3d software.  It is amazing what open source free software is able to do now. Noodle physics simulation ;p – Blender and Bullet Physics – YouTube.   Here is more on the creation of this animation: http://www.blendernation.com/2012/04/05/noodle-physics-simulation-blender-and-bullet-physics/#more-27301

Free Music Archive

Free music Archive

More free stuff 🙂 If you ever need to find music that is free then I recommend you check out Free Music Archive. Here you will find music for your personal project or even commercial projects.

GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program – FREE

Like photoshop only free! 🙂 As some of  you may have figured out, I am a HUGE fan of free or open source software.  Over the years I have seen some of my favorites grow by leaps and bounds.  Gimp is one that I have played with before that seems to be getting better and better.

p3d.in – your 3D Models online

Show your friends, family or clients you latest 3D models, let them rotate around, zoom and and visualize your creations. By using this online tool you can upload your 3d models online  and share them with anyone. ( This website works on Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, but not Safari ) Let me know what you […]