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Plantillas de Motion Para Final Cut Pro – En Español

Este video se trata de cómo usar Motion Templates en Final Cut Pro – Intro – En Español.

Click here for the English version.

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Recently, I had reached out to Apple about trial versions of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X and received the following response from my contact at Apple:

The Pro Apps team at Apple is actively looking at ideas for helping our education customers get their work done in the current stay-at-home situation.

We hope to have some updates soon, so please stay in touch with your Apple contacts.

In the meantime, if anyone needs access to Final Cut Pro X, we recommend downloading the 30-day 90-day trial:


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The Power of Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro

I had created a short video that demonstrates the speed & power of using Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Final Cut X Free Motion Master Templates Free Stuff Motion Master Templates

New free template – Simple Backgrounds 01

Free Template For Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

Create your own unique backgrounds with this new template for Final Cut Pro and Motion. You may use the images provided or use your own.

Add some animation to your background.

Download Simple Backgrounds today!

Apple Final Cut X

My thoughts on Final Cut X

I believe these last few years have been the most exciting and talked about years in Final Cut’s history.  This is for good reason as Apple did a full re-release and update of their ever popular editing program Final Cut Pro.

Below are a few of the reasons of why many professionals were upset by this huge update and my counter points to those reasons.

Final Cut X is not professional.

I completely agreed with this comment with release of Final Cut X.  Like many others I was very upset with the new release as I had invested over 10 years into mastering Final Cut Pro and I did not want to or feel like learning something completely new.  I guess we can say I was comfortable and content with my current workflow.

In all fairness there has not been any software that I can think of after a major rewrite without its share of bugs, issues and features lost.

After many quick and timely updates I can now say that Final Cut X has delivered on all its promises of a software that I believe is more powerful and more impressive than any earlier version of Final Cut.

Final Cut X is hard to learn.

I also agree, especially when professionals have used complicated software bloated with tons buttons, windows and always in your face features.  But, what I have discovered is that learning something simple, especially after many years of a complicated workflow is more daunting since we expect complexity.

We are professionals and our tools should be intimidating or else any novice can use it and leave us professionals out in the cold.  Right? Well not really, if anything when our workload is easier we get more time to play and be creative.  One example I love to use is the mighty pencil and brush.  It is a very simple tool, but in the hands of a person that knows how to use it well they can create amazing work.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci

Final Cut X is just iMovie on steroids.

I felt the same thing as well and I still believe this statement is true.  Apple is not known to release Beta versions of their software and who better to test out a brand new Graphic User Interface ( GUI ) than those that will not complain that much like first time users and hobbyists.

Not only was this an ingenious way to test out a completely new software interface, but it also allowed for iMovie to become a stepping stone for all future professionals since the feel is similar to Final Cut X.  Plus we can now import iMovie projects straight into Final Cut X, which is great for producers that like to get more involved in their projects and start a rough cut of their project out on location.

Final Cut X does not have a monthly membership plan.

This is one thing I am very happy for.  Almost everything is now based on membership plans and our monthly expenses can get pretty high quickly.  If we add $50 here and $25 there the overall monthly costs can add up to $100s a month.

Let us take an example and compare it to Final Cut X.  If I paid $50 a month for a membership fee the yearly cost for the last 3 years since Final Cut X’s first release would be $1,800.  Instead in the last 3 years I have paid less than $300 total and the savings continue to increase the more years I use Final Cut X.  That means I have saved $1,500 which could be used for a new Cinema Display, External Storage, iPad Air or a nice vacation.

I warn people to not look at the price of a membership as a monthly cost but instead multiply it to a yearly cost and then multiply that for at least a minimum of 3 years.  If we do the math for 3-5 years we can see how expensive things can get.  Also if we look at the price structure of Apple’s software I do not believe upgrades for Final Cut X will not be expensive or it may even be free, just take a look at the cost of OSX.

Apple dropped the ball with the new release of Final Cut X.

I also agreed with this when Final Cut X first came out.  I even downloaded free trials of its competing software out fear of Apple’s discard of the professional market with their “professional” iMovie clone.  But fortunately I decided to give Final Cut X a real fair try and not just a few hours of toying around and complaining as I originally did.

I also thought that this was not the first time Apple has done something bold and drastic so maybe there is more to this release than meets the eye.  Think back from the time of the 1984 Macintosh commercial release or when Final Cut first came out or Apple dropping the floppy drive and even with the latest release of Mac Pro.  They were either unusual, controversial or even a little off-putting but in the end they made sense and stuck.

Apple has proven to not be a follower of trends or a company that adds a few features here and there and calls it a day.  Instead Apple is known to rush to the edge, jump off the edge and eventually after the dust settles we find that the edge was well worth the leap.  When the competition begins to look the same Apple diverts to a whole new path. Apple takes risks with everything they create and sometimes times they are not successful, but when they are a hit we all benefit big time!

Apple’s Final Cut X was not ready for professional release.

I also agree with this comment.  But in all fairness we professionals raised our torches and pitchforks in demand for a new update to Final Cut and the Mac Pro.  If we think back there were tons of rumors that Apple was leaving the professional market behind since many years went by without an update or a hint of one.  So I believe an early release was to ease the fury of the professional market and to at least demonstrate that we were not being abandoned.

Yes, Final Cut X was not ready by a long shot when it was first released, but at least it was a taste of what was to come.  Those that have had many years of experience in the industry knew not to leave their old Editing software for something new and shiny. As professionals we need careful thought of new tools.  However, after the many huge updates Apple has released since Final Cut X first came out they have proved that they are listening to our concerns and demands.  My editing speed has increased by at least 3 times and every new update brings new features that increase my workflow even more.

Final thoughts.

If we are truly interested in using FCPX then we what we need is patience as this is entirely a whole new way of editing.  Is it scary? Heck yes!  But is it worth it.  I say double heck yes!  Be aware that all the new features are not out in the open and instead they are hidden until we need them and since there are hundreds of new features this is a very good thing.  I would love to name all the new features, but there are so many I would need a few more posts to cover them all.

My advice is when we first open FCPX we should think of it as a new piece of software, because in essence it is.  I know many of us do not like change, especially when it comes to our tools of the trade, but many times change is good and most times it is a necessity in our fast moving industry.

So after a few years of using the new Final Cut X I am proud to say that I am very happy I took the leap of faith back in 2011 and we can only expect things to get better, cleaner and faster in the years to come.

In closing I would like to say, “Thank you Apple for being trail blazers that you are.  Please continue to do what you do best and that is to think different and be bold” 🙂


One must either anticipate change or be it’s victim. – Galbraith.


Final Cut X Free Motion Master Templates Free Stuff

Free Winter Landscape |

Celebrate with Free Winter Landscape Template
Use this Free Final Cut template to create your own winter wonderland.

Use this template to spread your message of joy and love.
This template has the option for one drop zone or seven, background and ribbon colors are optional and stars and ribbon can be turned on or off.

More templates will be added so be sure to sign up for the newsletter for new template and module release updates!

I would like to send a warm thank you to Red Pepper Group for helping me with this project and also special thanks to Carlos Sousa for inspiration.

Free Winter Landscape |

Final Cut X Motion Master Templates

Lower Thirds Multipack –

New member template released on

This Lower Third Multi Pack template for Final Cut X and Motion 5 will allow you to add 7 different lower thirds to your video creations. Each Lower Thirds has 2 text areas and the colors can be customized.

via Lower Thirds Multipack –

Final Cut X

Why I love FCPX – a few of my favorite features – Video

This is a video I made on some of the features I love about the New FCPX.

Originally I made this video for an interview I had on This video has one additional feature Time Re-mapping that was not included in the interview due to time constraints.

Footage provided by Jolly Roger Images, inc. & Horizon Productions Inc.

Let me know what you think. 🙂

Final Cut X

How Emmy winning George to the Rescue gets cut on Final Cut Pro X for NBC –

Below is a link to a great read from FCP.Co on how the new Final Cut is used by NBC and even helped them win an Emmy Award for their show George to the Rescue.  I am very happy to see professionals embracing the new FCPX and it makes me even happier to know that I made the right decision and staying with Final Cut. 🙂

Make sure to read the comments at the end of the article for questions answered by the editor Mike Fernandes.

Thank you and Mike Fernandes for sharing this great story with us.

How Emmy winning George to the Rescue gets cut on Final Cut Pro X for NBC –

Final Cut X Free Motion Master Templates Free Stuff Motion Master Templates

Free Bullet Points – Template for Final Cut X and Motion 5

Bullet Points – Motion Template | motion master templates.

Please let me know what you think in the comment box below. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Final Cut X

Steve and Mark on FCPX v 10.0.6 – YouTube

Awesome new update in FCPX. It just keeps getting better, faster and smoother than ever.

Steve and Mark on FCPX v 10.0.6 – YouTube.

Cool Final Cut X

Edit like the Minority Report with BetterTouchTool – (almost)

I thought this was a very cool idea. I am on my way to get the mighty mouse to test this bad boy out.
But I have heard enough good reviews to believe in it 🙂

What is BetterTouchTool?.

Final Cut X

Apple – Final Cut Pro X – What’s New

Woo Hoo! Final Cut keeps getting better and better!

Apple – Final Cut Pro X – What’s New.

Final Cut X

Using gestures to edit with Final Cut Pro X

For all Final Cut editors. Here is a cool video on how to edit using gestures. It feels as if we are getting closer to editing video like in Minority Report. Very cool and Extremely time saving.

Watch the video demonstrating gestures with Final Cut X at this link: Using gestures to edit with Final Cut Pro X.

I think this is direction we are heading for video editing:

Apple Final Cut X Inspirational

Is Final Cut Pro X going to do to video what Gutenberg did with printing?

Here is a great article that I believe actually captures the vision Apple has for Final Cut X and beyond.

Excerpt from the article: “Suddenly the skills that had kept them in the roles that they had had for centuries started to change. They had to “retrain” and become proficient in the new technologies of their business.”

Here is the link to this great read: Is Final Cut Pro X going to do to video what Gutenberg did with printing?.

Thank you for this great post!